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Coal Clean-burning Warm Air furnaces

For home and commercial use.
Available BTU range from 125,000 to 450,000 BTU.

Anthracite coal is a low cost and efficient fuel”

Featuring flat grate design and heat exchanger.

Adirondack Stoves is pleased to offer highly efficient and clean-burning coal furnaces by Keystoker. Keystoker coal furnaces, often known as “rice coal” furnaces, are manufactured with attention to detail by a skilled staff of Pennsylvania German craftsmen. Keystoker's commitment to quality ensures your complete satisfaction. Keystoker coal furnaces burn anthracite, a smokeless, high carbon, low sulfur and high BTU coal that burns cleaner, hotter and longer than any other coal. These properties make it ideal for home heating use. With a rice coal furnace, you will be able to enjoy the inexpensive cost of coal for most of the year and the convenience of gas or oil if you will be unable to attend your furnaces for an extended period of time.

Click here to learn more about coal.

Benefits of exclusive flat grate design:

  • Deeper fire bed pulls maximum heat from the coal and more complete burning of coal
  • Higher operating temperatures reduce ash to powder-like material. The flame is vertically directed, which
    - promotes greater heat absorption by the stove's internal heating surfaces
    - offers more heat with fewer dollars - hotter internal surfaces tranfer more heat
      to your home
  • New fresh air wash system keeps glass cleaner

The air cooled system of the Keystoker Furnace creates low stack temperatures as it increases efficiency to ensure maximum savings for you.

Keystoker A120 Coal Furnace
Koker Keystoker Coal Furnace

Furnace Specs

Furnace Diagram

Furnace Dimensions

Adirondack Stoves is a licensed Keystoker dealer, offering rice coal stoves, boiler furnace sales, installation and contractor service throughout Albany, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga, Troy and surrounding areas.

Want to know if you are in our service area?
Call us at (518) 374-4723 or visit our showroom today!

Can be drop-shipped anywhere in the country, right to your door.
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