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installation & service

Adirondack Stoves is committed to customer satisfaction and service. Our professional staff will assist you in selecting the right alternative heating solution for your needs and will support you after your purchase.

Stove, Fireplace and Insert POST-PURCHASE SUPPORT
We provide 24-hour access to local, factory-trained Enviro representatives. Professional technical support is just a phone call away.

Adirondack Stoves offers customers a yearly service and maintenance call to ensure that your stove, fireplace, furnace or boiler is in top running condition and meets all safety requirements. We contact each of our customers to provide them with the maintenance needed for the heating season and are available for any other services and repairs needed throughout the year.

Professional Stove, Fireplace and Insert installation
Adirondack Stoves does not charge for installation quotes.

Need a stove, fireplace or insert installation, service or repair quote?
Call us today: (518) 374-4723.

Adirondack Stoves is a licensed Enviro and Keystoker dealer, offering woodstoves, gas stoves, wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts, pellet stoves and fireplaces, coal clean-burning stoves and boiler furnace sales, installation and service throughout Albany, Schenectady, CliftonPark, Saratoga, Troy and surrounding areas throughout upstate NY’s capital region.

Want to know if you are in our service area? Call us at (518) 374-4723
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Adirondack Stoves provides environmentally friendly, safe and efficient heating alternatives such as gas, wood, pellet and coal stoves and gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, pellet fireplaces, fireplace inserts, sales, installation and service to upstate New York ’s Albany , Schenectady , Saratoga , Troy , NY , capital district region.

Adirondack Stoves is an authorized Enviro and Keystoker dealer.



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