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Leisure Line Stove CompanyLeisure Line Coal stoves


All units come standard in black. Additional color options include Honey Glo Brown, Forest Green and Slate Blue.

Leisure Line Stoker Stoves Power Draw
Feeder Motor - .55amps
Combustion Fan - .58amps
Convection Fan - 1.86amps
Power Venter - 1.77 amps or 136 watts

Also for use in mobile homes.

Leisure Line Pioneer
Pioneer LE Top Vent

5,000 – 90,000 BTU Input
Height 38”
Depth 31”
Width 27”
Hopper Capacity 110 lbs
6” Top Vent Flue
Weight 250 lbs

Leisure Line Hearth

5,000 – 90,000 BTU Input
Height 33.5”
Depth 21”
Width 39”
Hopper Capacity 70 lbs
212 CFM blower
6” Back Vent flue
Weight 232 lbs
Hearth Depth w/o Front Support 14”

Econo 1

4,500 – 70,000 BTU Input
Height 33.5”
Depth 27”
Width 20”
Hopper Capacity 60 lbs
Blower 110 CFM
6” Back Vent flue
Weight 200 lbs.

Domestic hot water coil

Hot Air Jacket
Hot Air Jacket

The optional Air Jacket pictured here fits either the Hyfire I or the Hyfire II. This unit can be piped directly into your existing hot air system. A great supplemental heating source will cut into those high heating bills. The Hyfire jacket does not come with filters or a cold air return.

Pocono Back Vent

The Pocono, specially engineered for the cold winters in the Pennsylvania Mountains. This basement unit was built with the homeowner in mind. Extra thought was given when designing this unit to hold 200 lbs of rice coal for extended periods of hard burning. Heavy gauge galvanized steel is used in the construction of the large ash tub. The body of the unit is manufactured from durable 12-gauge steel to radiate the heat being produced by the 110,000 BTU burner. Large dual blowers built into the double wall air shroud will wash the stove clean of heat so no hot spots exist on this unit. Digital, programmable Coal-trol thermostat standard.

Specs: 5,000 – 110,000 BTU Input, Height 47”, Depth 33”, Width 24”, Hopper Capacity 200 lbs, Dual 265 CFM blowers, 6” Top Vent flue, Weight 300 lbs.

Hyfire II

Leisure Line’s maximum in home heating. This unit is the same as the Hyfire I, but with twin 90,000 BTU burners. Heat ranges from 5,000-180,000 BTU’s can be expected with this unit. If you’re the person who wants the most from their heating dollar, then the Hyfire II is the one for you. Both Hyfire stoves can be ducted directly to an existing hot air furnace.

Specs: 5,000 – 180,000 BTU’s, Height 46”, Depth 33” (includes hopper), Width 29.5”, Hopper Capacity 200 lbs, 530 CFM blower (twin 265 CFM), 6” Back Vent flue, Weight 400 lbs.

SWG Power Vent System

SWG Power Vent SystemLeisure Line Stoves generate heat through combustion of fuel. The heat is transferred through the heat exchanger and distributed to the conditioned room. The products of combustion, however, must be vented safely out of the structure. In a conventional chimney, venting is achieved by the natural lifting action of the hot combustion gas. New, efficient systems absorb more of the heat in the heat exchanger and produce lower temperature vent gas. Lower temperature gas does not rise as quickly or as reliably as in older, less efficient systems. A power venter uses a motorized blower to vent the products of combustion. A power venter is interlocked with the appliance to ensure that proper draft is achieved.

How the SWG Power Vent System Works

The SWG combines the motor, blower, and vent hood in one complete, easy to install unit. The SWG mounts on the outside of the building and pulls the combustion gas from the appliance through the outside wall utilizing 100% negative pressure.

Benefits of the SWG Power Venter include:

  • 100% Negative pressure in the vent pipe for maximum safety.
  • No need to seal vent pipe joints, saving time and money.
  • Significantly longer vent lengths than positive pressure, direct vent systems.
  • The SWG is recommended by major heating appliance manufacturers.

Can be drop-shipped anywhere in the country, right to your door.
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